Turning Around Glitches

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On the Heroic App, Brian Johnson tells us:

True confidence doesn’t come from thinking everything will always go perfectly. That’s crazy. In fact, as Phil Stutz pointed out in one of our coaching sessions, the need for absolute certainty results in absolute terror. Quite simply: We MUST be willing to tolerate high levels of uncertainty if we want to actualize our potential. So, true confidence isn’t about thinking it’ll always be easy. True confidence comes from *knowing* that we will have challenges AND that we have what it takes to meet each and every challenge. In fact, the Latin root of the word confidence literally means to “have full trust” or to “have INTENSE trust.” But… Intense trust in what? INTENSE TRUST in your ability to respond powerfully to each challenge as it arises. I like the way Phil frames it. He says we need to know that we will have ‘glitches.’ The trick is in getting REALLY good at recovering from them. He calls the process “collecting turnarounds.” You have a glitch—disconnecting you from your highest self. Fine. It happens. Now, how fast can you recover? How quickly can you regain your connection to your Highest Self? Glitch. Recovery. Glitch. Recovery. Glitch. Recovery. Let’s get REALLY good at collecting those turnarounds.”

True confidence is knowing that we will face challenges or glitches in life and have what it takes to meet and recover from those challenges. Glitch. Recovery. Glitch. Recovery. Let’s master collecting turnarounds to build genuine, indestructible self-confidence.