Tools + Mantras + OMMS

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In The Tools, Dr. Phil Stutz tells us:

To control behavior you need a specific procedure to use at a specific time to combat a specific problem. That’s what a tool is…

Artists have tools, mechanics have tools, doctors have tools, and you and I need tools to deal with adversity. The word mantra means “tool of the mind”.

In Conquest of Mind, Eknath Easwaran tells us:

You can draw on the power of the mantram like this at any time, wherever you happen to be, whatever you happen to be doing. But if you want the mantram to come to your rescue when you need it, if you want it to steady your mind in times of turmoil, you need to practice, practice, practice in calm weather. Whenever you get a moment free, unless you are doing something that requires attention, repeat your mantram to yourself silently, in your mind—while waiting, walking, washing dishes, and especially when falling asleep at night. Constant repetition drives the mantram deep into consciousness, where it can anchor your mind so surely that no amount of agitation can sweep you away. I must have given this advice a million times, but it can never be repeated too often. Throughout my life, no matter how assiduously I practiced this skill, I have always been able to find more time, additional opportunities to put it to use. This is how we can gradually extend sovereignty over the mind.”

Let’s craft a tool/mantra using implementation intentions or an IF-THEN plan. IF we face an obstacle, THEN we will say the hero’s mantra “OMMS! Obstacles Make Me Stronger!” and remind ourselves that this is a way for us to cultivate a challenge response so we can reach our infinite potential.

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