Reverse Indicators

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On the Heroic App, Brian Johnson tells us:

“So, let’s say you’ve decided to embark on a heroic quest. It’s time for you to leave the normal, routine life and really go for it—stretching yourself to dare greatly and do what you’re here to do. (GOOD DECISION!!!) Now, every good hero’s journey has some pretty epic dragon-battle scenes. (Right?) And, those encounters are, pretty much by definition, pretty intense. (Right?) I mean, you don’t leisurely stroll up to a dragon in the middle of your quest and just hop on it for a ride. (At least not until you’re a full-fledged dragon-taming master!) So, the focus of this +1: When you encounter the inevitable dragons on that adventure of yours, know this: Those intense feelings of “OMG!!! What have I done to my life?!” and that desire to run away from it all and run right back to the comfort of your old life are NORMAL!! In fact, in one of our coaching sessions, Phil Stutz dropped this wisdom gem on me: He said that those moments of terror are “reverse indicators.” We tend to think that when we feel terrified we’re doing something WRONG. Phil says, “NO NO NO!!!” Those moments of (extreme) discomfort are REVERSE INDICATORS. They aren’t signs that something is WRONG. They’re signs that something is RIGHT!!! Specifically, they’re signs that you’re right where you need to be to grow: Outside your comfort zone—which, you’ll recall, feels really uncomfortable. So, feeling uncomfortable lately? If so, well done! It isn’t necessarily a sign that something’s wrong and that you need to run back into your old comfortable life. It’s a sign that you need to take a deep breath, get excited about the opportunity to express your heroic strength, and create the new and Optimized version of you. If you haven’t felt uncomfortable lately, well, quit sidestepping lizards and be willing to go into the forest of the unknown and meet your dragons!! 🙂 Here’s to your heroic growth and embracing the reverse indicators that point the way!”

Check in on that anxiety you feel. Is there a chance it is a reverse indicator? It is not a sign that something is wrong but that something is right. That you are outside your comfort zone—right where you need to be to get a bit stronger. The obstacle is the way. We need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.