When-Where Plans

Start listening

In Making Hope Happen, Dr. Shane Lopez tells us:

“In Christmas Study #2, all participants were given the same project: they were to write a report on how they spent Christmas Eve and submit it within two days of returning from the holiday. Individuals were then randomly assigned to two groups. One group was asked to create when/where plans for writing the essay; the other was not. Seventy-five percent of the group who had visited the future to specify the time and place for writing the report submitted it on time; only 33 percent of those without a plan completed the project. Making a when/where plan is a straightforward process. Each time you get an assignment or set a goal, choose the day and time you will start working on it, and the place where you will work.”

Wow. Creating when-where plans can lead to a 42% greater chance of project completion. I have a when/where plan for this academy. When is upon waking up, where is at my desk.