Reflecting On Our Values

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In Presence, Dr. Amy Cuddy tells us:

“The kind of self-affirmation I’m talking about—the kind whose effects Steele and others have studied—doesn’t have anything to do with reciting generic one-liners in the mirror, nor does it involve boasting or self-aggrandizement. Instead it’s about reminding ourselves what matters most to us and, by extension, who we are. In effect, it’s a way of grounding ourselves in the truth of our own stories. It makes us feel less dependent on the approval of others and even more comfortable with their disapproval, if that’s what we get. Social psychologists have created a little test to stress you out and then measure your response. It’s called the Trier Social Stress Test (TSST). Usually, when people go through that experience, their cortisol levels spike. But, if they first reflect on a core value that is very important to them and write a brief description of WHY it’s important to them, they can go through that stress test WITHOUT the typical spikes in cortisol.

Wow! Reflecting on our core values can help us handle stressors without the typical cortisol spike. So, reflecting on our Masterpiece Day Checklist, which helps us live in integrity with our virtues, can help us be more resilient.