How To Renew Your Telomeres

Start listening

In Telomeres, Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn and Elissa Epel tell us:

“We are largely unaware of the mental chatter in our minds and how it affects us. Certain thought patterns appear to be unhealthy for telomeres. These include thought suppression and rumination as well as the negative thinking that characterizes hostility and pessimism. You can start to renew your telomeres, and your cells, right now. One study has found that people who tend to focus their minds more on what they are currently doing have longer telomeres than people whose minds tend to wander more. Other studies find that taking a class that offers training in mindfulness or meditation is linked to improved telomere maintenance. Personality traits like cynical hostility and pessimism may damage your telomeres, but there’s one personality trait that appears to be good for them: conscientiousness. Conscientious people are organized, persistent, and task oriented; they work hard toward long-term goals—and their telomeres tend to be longer. Eat, move, sleep your way to happy telomeres.

People who focus, are mindful, and meditate tend to have longer telomeres. You can also eat, move, and sleep to happy telomeres. How is that for a shout-out for the energy fundamentals?