Courage = The Willingness To Act In The Presence Of Fear

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In The Courage Quotient, Dr. Robert Biswas Diener tells us:

“The definition of courage is not a matter of idle academic interest. It is a crucial first step in understanding this shiny virtue that can help you have better relationships, perform better at work, and feel more fulfilled. The definition of courage is the heart of the courage quotient for which this book is named. Courage contains two primary internal elements: the willingness to act and the ability to control fear. When you can successfully curb your fears and boost your ability to take action, you are better able to live a full and virtuous life. You are more likely to face challenges with grace, connect with and inspire others, and be a force for good.

Courage = The Willingness To Act / The Presence of Fear.

Do you have any challenges you can face with grace to be a force for good?

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