The Fogg Behavioral Model (B=MAP)

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In Tiny Habits, Dr. BJ Fogg tells us:

You can change your life by changing your behaviors. You know that. But what you may not know is that only three variables drive those behaviors. The Fogg Behavior Model is the key to unlocking that mystery. It represents the three universal elements of behavior and their relationship to one another. It’s based on principles that show us how these elements work together to drive our every action—from flossing one tooth to running a marathon. Once you understand the Behavior Model, you can analyze why a behavior happened, which means you can stop blaming your behavior on the wrong things (like character and self-discipline, for starters). And you can use my model to design for a change in behavior in yourself and in other people. B=MAP Behavior happens when Motivation & Ability & Prompt converge at the same moment.

“A behavior happens when the three elements of MAPMotivation, Ability, and Prompt—come together at the same moment. Motivation is your desire to do the behavior. Ability is your capacity to do the behavior. And prompt is your cue to do the behavior.”

I love the Fogg Behavioral Model. I printed it out and put it in a place I see every day. It is incredibly useful for installing and deleting habits.

Click here for an illustration of The Fogg Behavioral Model. I recommend you tattoo it on your brain. Seriously, you should be able to draw it from scratch and visualize it in your mind’s eye. Once you do that, you can visualize where a particular behavior falls on the model anytime.

From there you can decide if you need to provide a prompt or remove a prompt, make the behavior easier to do or harder to do, and/or increase motivation or decrease motivation.