Vertical Coherence In Goals

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In The Happiness Hypothesis, Dr. Jonathan Haidt tells us:

“The psychologists Ken Sheldon and Tim Kasser have found that people who are mentally healthy and happy have a higher degree of ‘vertical coherence’ among their goals—that is, higher-level (long term) goals and lower-level (immediate) goals all fit together well so that pursuing one’s short-term goals advances the pursuit of long-term goals.”

In The One Thing, Garry Keller and Jay Papasan tell us:

“By thinking through the filter of Goal Setting to the Now, you set a future goal and then methodically drill down to what you should be doing right now. It can be a little like a Russian matryoshka doll in that your ONE Thing ‘right now’ is nested inside your ONE Thing today, which is nested inside your ONE Thing this week, which is nested inside your ONE Thing this month. . . It’s how a small thing can actually build up to a big one. You’re lining up your dominoes.”

Let’s say five years from now I want to be best friends with my wife and kids. Well, then I need to earn it. I need to respond to bids from them and put my phone away when I am with them. I also need to find time blocks to connect daily, larger blocks of time to connect weekly, and ways to connect with them over unique experiences throughout the year.

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