The Top 5 Strengths Correlated With Happiness

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At the VIA Institute for Character, they tell us:

“For obvious reasons, studies that examine happiness, life satisfaction, and related concepts of well-being are some of the more popular areas of inquiry in positive psychology. Since the onset of positive psychology, researchers have been interested in those character strengths that correlate highest with happiness. As is clear below, strong patterns have emerged (e.g., zest, hope, gratitude, love, and curiosity frequently emerge with the highest correlations with life satisfaction).”

In addition to discovering and dialing in one or more of your top 5 unique signature strengths, it is a good idea to dial in one or more of the top 5 universal strengths as they all overlap with multiple models of well-being (PERMAV, SPIRE, EWL).

Can you think of ways to dial in your Zest, Hope, Gratitude, Love, and/or Curiosity?

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