Heroic Food Rules

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On the Heroic Platform, Brian Johnson tells us about the Heroic Food rules:

Rule #1: Quit Drinking Your Sugar.

Rule #2: Eat Real Food and Throw Out the Factory Food.

Rule #3: Eating Sunsets (Aka: Give Yourself the Night Off!) by fasting 13 hours.

Rule +1: Eat Like Your Favorite Philosopher (who lived at least 300 years ago).”

In an interview with Brian Johnson, Harvard Psychiatrist Dr. Chris Palmer discusses the Heroic food rules:

I am 100% aligned with everything that you just said. And for at least probably 80 to 90% of the people suffering from chronic mental illness. Some of these might be mild, moderate, but for probably 80 to 90% of the people, those rules that you just laid out are going to be enough. Get rid of the junk food, don’t drink your calories, your sugar, go for at least a little bit of time without eating, let your body tap into its own internal fat stores and other stores to improve metabolic and mental health.”

Anything you can do to optimize by not drinking sugar, eating real food, and/or fasting for 13+ hours?

Listen to the full interview here. The timestamp for this conversation begins around 44:20.

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