The Best Deal In Medicine

In Fat Chance Robert Lustig tells us:

“Irrespective of weight, consistent exercise (even just fifteen minutes a day) is the single best way for people to improve their health. That’s 273 hours paid in for 3 years of life gained, or a 64,000 percent return on investment. The best deal of medicine. Studies demonstrate that all the levels of PPAR-gamma coactivator 1-alpha (PGC-1a; the protein in muscle cells that turns on all the good muscle metabolic effects and tells the mitochondria to divide) decline within a day of cessation of exercise, and insulin sensitivity returns to baseline within fifteen days. So, those of you weekend warriors who think you’re doing yourself some good—it may not be as good as you think. If you’re going to use exercise as your protection against chronic diseases, you’ll have to be consistent about it.”

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