Sleep To Increase Creativity By 15 To 35 Percent

In Why We Sleep Mathew Walker tell us:

“Upon awakenings from NREM sleep, participants did not appear to be especially creative, solving few of the anagram puzzles. But it was a different story when I woke them up out of REM sleep, from the dreaming phase. Overall, problem-solving abilities rocketed up, with participants solving 15 to 35 percent more puzzles when emerging from REM sleep compared with awakenings from NREM sleep or during daytime waking performance! The solutions simply ‘popped out’ following awakenings from REM sleep, one subject told me, though at the time, they did not know they had been in REM sleep just prior. The lingering vapors of REM sleep were providing a more fluid, divergent, ‘open-minded’ state of information processing.”

So right when we wake up we want to be creative before reactive so that we can solve problems in this fuid, divergent, open-minded state.

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